The Journey of Becoming a Mindful Eater...

The next time I reach for a peanut butter cookie, I'm going to consider the psychology behind the reason I'm desiring the cookie in the first place, besides the fact of just wanting it.
Being aware makes us better.💗
Ma'at has principles of diet and two of them have to do with justice and righteousness. If we follow principles of justice and righteousness when it comes to how we choose what we're eating, then we'll ask ourselves "Does my food choice give nutritional justice to my body, or does it nutritionally starve my body? And, Is the food good for God's temple? Is there a healthy snack I can eat instead of junk food?"
Some may think this is a dogmatic approach, but it's actually a good way to re-learn and re-create new patterns of self-care and self-love when it comes to consumption of food and products that are harmful to our bodies and health.
For the past few weeks, I've literally been chewing an entire container of gum in 2-3 days. 😯🙄I knewnI was chewing alot of gum because of how the stress related to how much I've been juggling. It's always been one of the ways I've used to ease tension. But wait... did you know the gum we chew is not the best either?! 😫 That's a whole other story!! Lol! Seriously!
When I read the emotional psychology of consuming chewy snacks, I was amazed at the truth of it, knowing how much gum I'd been chewing! OMG... smh!!!

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