Love With a Purpose


Meet the face behind it all! My name is Krystle, and I'm the creative founder of Love Life Naturals, LLC. In my former career as a Registered Nurse, I was extremely passionate about caring for others in ways that made them feel seen, uplifted and loved.
I have a fervent desire to help people heal creatively and holistically, while creating an atmosphere for them to experience peace, love and joy during the process.
Love Life Naturals has become a platform for me to do all of the above through the creation of beautiful self-loving products. 
Each product is naturally formulated and handmade with love, using the highest quality ingredients, to help you develop the perfect self-care regimen that's right for you!



 Our Flagship Store

  We celebrated our two-year anniversary in October of 2022. We are very excited about the opening of our flagship store. If you're ever in Downtown Pinson, come see us!