Plants With a Purpose

It's springtime and everything is in bloom... well at least things are in the process of blooming. The temperatures have been slightly cooler than our historical temps during this time of season. 

While we may not be experiencing blooms and blossoms at the rate the gardeners, planters and farmers would like, I truly believe there's something blooming within each of us. 

As I continue to engage more with our community, I am sensing everyone's desire of wanting to feel better, live better and to overall become better in the way in which we naturally care for ourselves. We want answers to questions that have gone unanswered as it relates to our bodies and physiological changes and challenges we experience; and quite frankly, we want solutions that yield positive and healthy results.

From that, little seedlings have been planted and is causing something to bloom within myself, which is a desire to create a safe space for us to explore, experiment and partake in what we have freely been given by way of our Plant Kingdom. Plants are alive, they're full of beauty, grace and have amazing transformational and regenerative properties. We can learn a lot from plants and participate in even exchanges of giving grace, love and nurturing. 

Join us on May 13th from 12noon to 4pm, for our next Self-Care EXPO, "Plants with a Purpose", as we explore and learn more about the health and wellness benefits of plants and their plant oils (i.e. herbs, essential oils, carrier oils, etc.), while sipping delicious herbal tea blends.

You'll have a chance to create your own DIY hair oil, sample essential oils, purchase fresh flowers and shop with other creatives. I can't wait to see you there!